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  • november 30

    We’re all set for dogsitting this weekend and Jordan is super pumped to be headed to New Orleans. Thanks to everyone who reached out! Yesterday we met with the radiation oncologist and today we had the post-op appointment with the surgeon. Surgeon first: everything is healed up and we don’t expect to need to follow […]

  • november 22

    It’s been a rough few days. Jordan’s symptoms started worsening over the weekend when he lost some vision ability. His facial weakness on the right side seems to be affecting the muscles of his eye so he’s not really able to close the eye or track effectively. Combined with the relatively unaffected vision on the […]

  • november 14

    Healing is going well! Jordan had an easy weekend full of dog cuddles, fresh food, and lots of TV watching. Every day he wakes up feeling a little more himself. And yesterday he ordered himself a lox and cream cheese bagel via delivery (plus a maple bar)! He’s been slowly and gently adding in low-key […]

  • november 11

    He’s home! He had an easy night with a great nurse who got him some late night pudding as soon as it was safe for him to eat. (“This might be the best pudding in the world.” – Jordan, 11pm) The surgeon, anesthesiologist, and various post-op therapists (physical, speech) all stopped by early in the […]

  • november 10 – 7:30pm

    He’s out of surgery! The procedure went smoothly, and Jordan is out of surgery. They were waking him up and getting him settled when the surgeon called me, and they’ll let me know when I’m able to go in and see him. The surgeon reported that everything went well, and they were able to retrieve […]

  • november 10 – 4:30pm

    Surgery day! They just took him back to get started on surgery. The procedure should be about 4 hours total, with approximately 1.5 hours of setup work prior to the 2ish hour procedure. The anesthesiologist gave him a “pre-flight” cocktail with an anti-anxiety medication, so he was in great spirits as they headed to the […]

  • november 7

    Surgery week is upon us! jordan update Jordan’s been doing okay. The steroid treatment seems to have stabilized his condition, though he is still struggling with some symptoms. His symptoms at the moment include: Many of these are familiar ground for Jordan, as they were symptoms he fought to overcome post-accident in 2013. We hope […]

  • october 25

    Jordan was struck by some symptoms over the weekend, which has made for a stressful few days. Early Saturday he was clipping hedges and had to stop because he had very sudden vision and balance issues. Some at-home neuro tests pinned down a few other issues, including some loss of control over his face on […]

  • october 20

    We met with the surgeon yesterday to discuss the procedure and get scheduled. Surgery is scheduled for the afternoon of November 10. procedure details Jordan will be undergoing a stereotactic biopsy of the brain. The steps as I understand them are: recovery details After the overnight monitoring, they anticipate that Jordan will be able to […]

  • road trippin part 3

    road trippin part 3

    Days 7-10 of our 2022 moto road trip