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  • road trippin part 2

    road trippin part 2

    Days 4-6 on our 2022 Road Trip

  • july 26

    We had our second reading of the MRIs today with the neuro-oncologist. He tempered the good news a little with his read, unfortunately. He let us know that the Avastin treatment is reducing the swelling so we can see everything more clearly on the MRIs, however, the most concerning lesion in the area is still […]

  • july 21

    We have a brief update! On Saturday July 16 Jordan got a mid-treatment MRI for the oncologists to evaluate the Avastin’s efficacy. This afternoon we met with his primary oncologist to review the scans. On Tuesday we’ll meet with the treating neuro-oncologist to get his opinion. In today’s appointment, they showed us the scans side-by-side […]

  • road trippin part 1

    road trippin part 1

    Jordan and I hit the road for 10ish days last month on the bikes and had just…the loveliest time. Truly an opportunity to live in the moment every day for a little while and explore the vastness outside our regular lives.

  • tl;dr

    For those who may not know the full details, here’s a brief summary of the last few months. If you’d like to revisit the original blog from 2013-14, you can find that at Atlanta Z was Jordan’s trauma ward name in the hospital after his motorcycle accident and tumor discovery in August 2013. His […]

  • july 8

    This is a private post for friends and family only.

  • chickens


    We finally did it – we got chicks! We picked up the little ladies from our neighborhood nursery – City Farmers. They had three varieties available, Barred Rock, Speckled Sussex, and Americana. We attempted to get one of each variety – but the Sussex and Americana look very similar at this age so we won’t […]

  • social exodus

    A few months ago – maybe around Halloween – I started questioning my use of social media. I’d spend hours hunched over the tiny screen, scrolling Instagram mindlessly. I didn’t like it. It hurt my neck. It hurt my soul. I started to try and catch myself and ask what I was trying to achieve […]

  • 315 pounds

    315 pounds

    I’ve been lifting weights for about 5 years now – 4 of those with the guys at Electrum Performance. In that time, I’ve come a long way. I started out using a lifting book that’s very good, but I won’t link here because its author is a problematic man in the field of women’s fitness. […]

  • moutain biking at otay lakes

    moutain biking at otay lakes

    I got some new tires and handlebars for my Surly Cross-Check a few months ago to try and rekindle my love of bicycling. This time, I got bars with a more upright posture and some gravel bike tires. Jordan and I were thinking these little upgrades would be nice to hit some city trails with […]