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  • outside at home again

    outside at home again

    Remember that onion bed that the bermuda grass ate up? I cleaned it out and put some grass-supressing hay all around the outsides of the bed. I also added a little cardboard to the back side where the grass is the most aggressive.

  • market @8th

    market @8th

    Jordan’s been on a bit of a cultural discovery journey lately trying to invite in more of his Filipino heritage. He’s been trying to learn Tagolog, and he’s been learning about/watching the careers of some local Filipino chefs. Recently – he took an interest in the doings of one local chef – Phillip Esteban – […]

  • chocolate x-mas eve

    My friend Barbarella really focused on making gourmet chocolate bonbons as her Covid hobby. She started out making hot chocolate bombs, and something about working with chocolate as the medium caught her and now she makes tiny, delicious works of art. She invited me over several months ago – before she was able to take […]

  • festivus


    Every year, Jordan and I have our own little holiday dinner just for us, and usually on or around December 23. Sometimes we cook something, sometimes we put together the most decadent charcuterie board we can think of.

  • winter garden cleanup

    winter garden cleanup

    It may have been a few weeks later than I wanted, but the garden is finally tidied up for winter. Hopefully all the seedlings don’t mind the cooler weather. I know for sure they don’t mind the rain.

  • hillwood estate

    hillwood estate

    Since we’ve been to DC several times, we went and explored some of the lesser-known tourist destinations on this most recent trip. One of those was Hillwood Estate, the museum/estate of Marjorie Merriweather Post.