i’m katie. i ride motorcycles, garden, have dogs, and write shit down.

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  • chickens


    We finally did it – we got chicks! We picked up the little ladies from our neighborhood nursery – City Farmers. They had three varieties available, Barred Rock, Speckled Sussex, and Americana. We attempted to get one of each variety – but the Sussex and Americana look very similar at this age so we won’t… Continue reading chickens

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  • social exodus

    A few months ago – maybe around Halloween – I started questioning my use of social media. I’d spend hours hunched over the tiny screen, scrolling Instagram mindlessly. I didn’t like it. It hurt my neck. It hurt my soul. I started to try and catch myself and ask what I was trying to achieve… Continue reading social exodus

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  • 315 pounds

    315 pounds

    I’ve been lifting weights for about 5 years now – 4 of those with the guys at Electrum Performance. In that time, I’ve come a long way. I started out using a lifting book that’s very good, but I won’t link here because its author is a problematic man in the field of women’s fitness.… Continue reading 315 pounds

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  • moutain biking at otay lakes

    moutain biking at otay lakes

    I got some new tires and handlebars for my Surly Cross-Check a few months ago to try and rekindle my love of bicycling. This time, I got bars with a more upright posture and some gravel bike tires. Jordan and I were thinking these little upgrades would be nice to hit some city trails with… Continue reading moutain biking at otay lakes

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