Category: Home Life

  • january 16

    We are halfway through radiation! Sorry for the silence – things have been very busy as we keep on the chemo/radiation schedule. Our typical days right now start at 5am when we get Jordan ready for radiation. He’s been hit pretty hard with what we’re calling “chemo hangover” that early in the morning. He struggles […]

  • december 22

    First week of treatment is underway! In the last week before the start of treatment, Jordan was having worsening symptoms daily. His vision became very limited, and shaky in one eye which makes him very unstable when he’s up and moving. His hearing has also been decreasing, leaving him unable to really comprehend anything other […]

  • december 12

    We did it! We got a calendar system working! We also got a formal start date for treatment – December 19. His first radiation appointment is at 5:30pm, but they are hoping to give us a regular slot for all his following appointments that works better with the extreme traffic surrounding the hospital campus. Driving […]

  • december 8

    Thanks to everyone who’s reached out and helped out this week. The tech of the calendar situation isn’t quite right, but also I don’t have a better solution yet, so … maybe next week! We are definitely going to need a lot of help for the next 6+ weeks. We had a busy day at […]

  • december 6

    We are back from our trip and ready to start getting routine help into our home. New Orleans A few snapshots from New Orleans As you can guess, Jordan charged through the city with authority despite not being able to walk without holding someone’s arm and not being able to see much. He managed to […]

  • november 30

    We’re all set for dogsitting this weekend and Jordan is super pumped to be headed to New Orleans. Thanks to everyone who reached out! Yesterday we met with the radiation oncologist and today we had the post-op appointment with the surgeon. Surgeon first: everything is healed up and we don’t expect to need to follow […]

  • november 22

    It’s been a rough few days. Jordan’s symptoms started worsening over the weekend when he lost some vision ability. His facial weakness on the right side seems to be affecting the muscles of his eye so he’s not really able to close the eye or track effectively. Combined with the relatively unaffected vision on the […]

  • november 14

    Healing is going well! Jordan had an easy weekend full of dog cuddles, fresh food, and lots of TV watching. Every day he wakes up feeling a little more himself. And yesterday he ordered himself a lox and cream cheese bagel via delivery (plus a maple bar)! He’s been slowly and gently adding in low-key […]

  • november 11

    He’s home! He had an easy night with a great nurse who got him some late night pudding as soon as it was safe for him to eat. (“This might be the best pudding in the world.” – Jordan, 11pm) The surgeon, anesthesiologist, and various post-op therapists (physical, speech) all stopped by early in the […]

  • november 10 – 7:30pm

    He’s out of surgery! The procedure went smoothly, and Jordan is out of surgery. They were waking him up and getting him settled when the surgeon called me, and they’ll let me know when I’m able to go in and see him. The surgeon reported that everything went well, and they were able to retrieve […]