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  • books on grief

    I’ve been tearing through books on mourning, grief, death, and surrounding topics. Since I’ve been reading so many (and quickly), I thought it might be helpful to share a list of them and a brief review to help guide others to materials they may find helpful during times of loss.

  • december 12

    We did it! We got a calendar system working! We also got a formal start date for treatment – December 19. His first radiation appointment is at 5:30pm, but they are hoping to give us a regular slot for all his following appointments that works better with the extreme traffic surrounding the hospital campus. Driving…

  • december 6

    We are back from our trip and ready to start getting routine help into our home. New Orleans A few snapshots from New Orleans As you can guess, Jordan charged through the city with authority despite not being able to walk without holding someone’s arm and not being able to see much. He managed to…

  • road trippin part 1

    road trippin part 1

    Jordan and I hit the road for 10ish days last month on the bikes and had just…the loveliest time. Truly an opportunity to live in the moment every day for a little while and explore the vastness outside our regular lives.

  • market @8th

    market @8th

    Jordan’s been on a bit of a cultural discovery journey lately trying to invite in more of his Filipino heritage. He’s been trying to learn Tagolog, and he’s been learning about/watching the careers of some local Filipino chefs. Recently – he took an interest in the doings of one local chef – Phillip Esteban –…