december 12

We did it! We got a calendar system working!

We also got a formal start date for treatment – December 19. His first radiation appointment is at 5:30pm, but they are hoping to give us a regular slot for all his following appointments that works better with the extreme traffic surrounding the hospital campus. Driving slots will be added to the calendar as we know more!

Help Calendar

I’ve sent out some preliminary invites via the system to people who were in the previous system or who have already volunteered via the other calendar/text message.

If you’d like to sign up to pitch in around here, you can do so here:

I will need to approve your access, and then you can get volunteering!

Please feel free to pick up any available slots, and sort yourselves into groups from Team > Groups so I can send emails/notifications to targeted lists. (Eg: I added a task that needs a handy person! or I need a last minute driver!)

At the moment, you can also consider either chores or dinner as an opportunity to visit (and do chores). Just leave a comment on there if you’re hoping to dine/hang out with us and I’ll let you know if we can accommodate in the thread. (It will largely depend on how big of a day Jordan has scheduled.)

I’ve marked a couple of slots as “Hold For [Name] to capture things that have been handled via the other calendar/text as I get this setup.

Other Help

There are other ways you can help right now beyond volunteering.

We’re able to accept gift cards for the following (all sent to please!):

  • DoorDash
  • Amazon
  • Costco

We’ve also setup an Amazon Wish List that we are constantly updating with non-urgent supplies we need to keep Jordan safe and comfortable.

Changes in the House

I’m working on turning Jordan’s office into a restful den for him to be in for treatment and recovery this week. We got his office cleaned up, the garage is ready to accept the rugs and furniture we need to move, and blackout curtains and a recliner are on their way (many thanks to Jan and Damien for the recliner sponsorship!). We should have it all ready to go as the Den of Healing by his first treatment date on December 19.

We’ve also determined that it’s time to make some minor bathroom accommodations so I will be adding an additional grab bar next to the toilet and I got a safer bath mat. Everyday I tell the handicapped shower how much I love and appreciate it.

I also had a walker come today – just in time for Jordan’s Occupational Therapy Evaluation! It was a delicate journey to get him to accept it, but now he’s looking forward to the additional stability and mobility he’ll have with a better assistive device. We’re still figuring out which of our area rugs don’t work with the walker – it’s an intricate dance between Jordan and Bruiser when it comes to hardwood floor traction.

Communicating With Jordan

If you’re texting Jordan (or would like to start chatting with him digitally) – I wanted to ask that you consider moving to/using a platform that allows him to use his computer with a full keyboard. The precision needed on a phone keyboard is challenging him, and he’s also having a hard time seeing everything on the tiny screen. He’s also having a hard time speaking, so video and calls may not be comfortable for him (unless you are also learning American Sign Language and would like to practice with him).

He’s on Signal (his phone number), Instagram (@flyintiger), Google Chat (, and Slack (I don’t know how to share across instances so that’s on you to figure out!) – all of which have quick chatting desktop apps. He uses an Android phone, but he also has an iMessage account associated with his email address.


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ways to help

Thank you for any help you can provide.

In Person Help

We’ve created a community on the platform Lotsa Helping Hands. You can setup an account and request access using the link below.

Help From Afar

Gift Cards

We find ourselves using the following the most right now:

  • DoorDash
  • Amazon
  • Costco

You can send all digital gift cards to

Amazon Wish List

I’ve setup an Amazon Wish List for items we find ourselves needing to keep Jordan safe and comfortable. New things added all the time!