We finally did it – we got chicks!

first day home

We picked up the little ladies from our neighborhood nursery – City Farmers. They had three varieties available, Barred Rock, Speckled Sussex, and Americana. We attempted to get one of each variety – but the Sussex and Americana look very similar at this age so we won’t really know for sure until they get a little bigger.

We expected to get birds that were a few days old – but as it turns out they came to us at about 2 weeks old. Which means we’re in a bit of a crunch to complete their coop!

In the meantime, we’re taking them outside for playpen time near where the coop is under construction.

A friend gifted us the wood for the base of the coop for the low-low cost of naming one chick, and another friend has been demanding she be able to name one of the chicks for years now – so the similar looking birds will be LouLou and Chicken “Parmesean” Little as soon as we can tell them apart reliably.

The third bird – the dark one – has proven to be the boldest of them already and has been named Murderface, after the bassist from the old Metalocalypse cartoons. So far – it’s been an apt name for her spicy personality.

I’m really looking forward to these guys getting bigger and giving us fresh eggs! I also can’t wait to set them loose in the garden to eat some bugs. For weeks I’ve been pulling out grubs and slugs knowing that I’m just a few short months from having predators in the yard. They’re going to be so excited to eat all the garden trimmings and pests!


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