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  • july 26

    We had our second reading of the MRIs today with the neuro-oncologist. He tempered the good news a little with his read, unfortunately. He let us know that the Avastin treatment is reducing the swelling so we can see everything more clearly on the MRIs, however, the most concerning lesion in the area is still […]

  • july 21

    We have a brief update! On Saturday July 16 Jordan got a mid-treatment MRI for the oncologists to evaluate the Avastin’s efficacy. This afternoon we met with his primary oncologist to review the scans. On Tuesday we’ll meet with the treating neuro-oncologist to get his opinion. In today’s appointment, they showed us the scans side-by-side […]

  • tl;dr

    For those who may not know the full details, here’s a brief summary of the last few months. If you’d like to revisit the original blog from 2013-14, you can find that at Atlanta Z was Jordan’s trauma ward name in the hospital after his motorcycle accident and tumor discovery in August 2013. His […]

  • july 8

    This is a private post for friends and family only.