315 pounds

I’ve been lifting weights for about 5 years now – 4 of those with the guys at Electrum Performance. In that time, I’ve come a long way.

the road to 300

I started out using a lifting book that’s very good, but I won’t link here because its author is a problematic man in the field of women’s fitness. But the information was good, and the plans gave me the confidence to head to the nearby 24-hour fitness and get started.

About a year after that (2016), I signed up for his gym in town (this was before I knew about the negative reputation), and started working with the trainers who would go on to start Electrum Performance. They finally got their own space in 2020 – right at the start of the pandemic.

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my two current coaches – Rodrigo and Pinto Bean

In the last 4+ years I’ve gone from learning how to do the exercises to being able to do 5+ pullups regularly, touch my toes to the bar from a dead hang, and consistently squat my own bodyweight on the bar (135lbs). And today – I moved the most weight I’ve ever moved in my life with my body.

That’s right – 3 plates. I hip thrusted 315lbs x 3 for two sets. DANG!

Lifting is the only fitness regimen I have ever stuck with. I spent years trying and abandoning yoga, pilates, running, group classes…the list goes on. But there’s something about lifting up heavy shit and putting it back down that makes me feel strong and capable in a way I can’t stop coming back to. Over 4 years of consistently showing up and pumping the iron – I’m so proud of myself!

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